Alex D.
Had an epic time at DPS today. My son started scooting about 4 months ago with a cheaper scooter from Amazon and was bummed when it broke yesterday. We went in and had a great experience with a younger dude. He had great input on products, had fun connecting with my 10yo and shared his passion. Top notch retail experience, great pricing. My son could not be happier.
Casey H.
So glad we bought locally!! We have always experienced the best customer service at Dynamic Scooters. The staff is so nice and always extremely helpful. We are customers for life!
Every time I go there with my two boys, Austin is so cool with them. Treats my boys like little scooter pros. Austin is doing more than running a business. He's keeping kids off of video games and giving these kids some confidence. I hope I can support this business for years to come. Cool shop dog too!
Roy C.
Great knowledgeable and honest staff. I have bought my son's wheels and collar clamp at the store. As far sales go I have never felt like the staff has tried to up sell me, and they have always taught me new things without being condescending. I have a pretty good service story to tell. My 10 year old son had tried to dial in his envy prodigy scooter himself and eventually stripped the bolt on the collar clamp. I was stressed out after having to cut the bolt on the collar clamp and noticing his headset barring was broken. I showed up and Jesse (tall blonde guy working there) instantly diagnosed what pieces we were missing. He told us it might take a bit to get the stuck barring off of the scooter so we walked over to Starbucks. By the time we got back from picking up our drinks he was done and the scooter was dialed in. I wasn't charged any extra for the work he did but it was priceless to me. Thanks again!
JM Pearson
Very helpful when I called, needing clarification on technical issues my son was having putting new wheels on his scooter. They were the only place that even answered the phone, let alone helped me out. A new customer has been created from this experience. Thanks, guys!
Dylan Chrestensen
I love this place, the owner is super nice very customer oriented. Highly reccomend going here for all your scoot needs!
Tricia Redmond Stefaniak
Great customer service, Mr Chapman inspires the youth.